Booth SL7627

RUSHWORKS has introduced TalkingPoints, an addition to its Production series, and STAGEROVER
and DOUBLESHOT, unmanned robotic camera systems. President Rush Beesley says both are being
demonstrated at their booth alongside a drone.

TalkingPoints furnishes additional functionality to Integrated PTZ Production Systems, VDESK and
REMO, by providing capture and stream live presentations tools using up to three PTZ cameras. One
camera is dedicated to the presenter, with a second covering panelists. An optional third covers the
audience. The presenter camera can be configured to track position automatically.

The captured HD file uses Picture-in-Picture to display three windows, one each for the
PowerPoint/Keynote slideshow, the presenter and the panelists. Participant information is imported
into layouts in advance. Titles can be generated based on touchscreen selection of picture icons. The
presentation can be streamed live or copied to DVD and USB devices. The files can also be uploaded
to websites for VOD search and retrieval.

The two unmanned robotic camera systems are “Sony Action Cam on monster wheels” STAGEROVER
and network controlled (via Bluetooth) rolling wireless HD stage camerabot DOUBLESHOT.

RUSHWORKS is also showing a custom multirotor craft sending wireless, zero-latency HD video as
one of the inputs to the REMO Remote Production System.