Booth SL11808

RUSHWORKS’s PTX universal pan/tilt head is the successor to the PT-MINI and offers improvements in payload handling and speed. The PTX supports the Blackmagic Micro Studio 4K camera, as well as LANC-equipped cameras from Sony, Canon, Panasonic and JVC. DMX daisy-chain control protocol is also supported.

The new TALK-TAKE intelligent video switching software automatically determines PTZ camera preset selection based on active microphone detection without a video operator present. TALK-TAKE is included with RUSHWORKS’ VDESK and REMO PRODUCER interface.

RUSHWORKS’ REMO UBEREMOTE is a small, ruggedized PTZ production and streaming configuration with a 17-inch touch screen interface. It is designed for field production, has four analog or SDI inputs and costs $7,995.

REMO ISOTOWER provides up to eight inputs and a 17-inch touch screen and can record both the switched program and up to six ISO camera inputs. It’s configured in a ruggedized aluminum chassis with carrying handle, and a snap-on trolley with wheels and extension handle.