SAM Highlights Live Sports, Multiviewers, IP

SAM will demonstrate its fast editing, replay and highlights production workflow, along with systems that combine immediate replay of live events with no-copy editing and post production.

“‘No-copy’ editing is a bit different than a traditional ‘ingest then editing then publishing,’ workflow,” said David Tasker, vice president of systems and technology. “With embedded Quantel editing and storage technology, it’s always been that you edit within frames of what you’ve captured, in the place you’ve captured it, and then publish from that point.”

Tasker says the benefits of this unique, robust file system allow production from one control surface with less moving of media and a single control point. SAM’s replay solution, LiveTouch, is an example.

SAM’s sports production offerings also allow users to publish highlights and replays straight to social media at the touch of a button. Tasker said customers in live sports and news are very interested in getting to social media quickly, as that drives viewers to the traditional broadcast.

One product category where SAM has greatly upped its game over the last year is multiviewers. Here, the company now has a presence in enterprise-level product for the first time. SAM’s multiviewers span every niche in the market, including new 12G and IP multiviewers. Part of the offering on show will be its media content monitoring and control solutions based on SAM’s established Media Biometrics technology.

As for core infrastructure, SAM is showing its new IP products which use 40, 25, 50 and 100 GigE interfaces; new 12G-SDI solutions are also on show. SAM will demonstrate its modular infrastructure and conversion capabilities, and highlight UHD to SD support for IP and SDI along with integrated SDI and IP routing control and flexible IP/SDI I/O for routing, switching, conversion, multiviewers and monitoring.