Sennheiser has added the XS Wireless 1 radio microphone series. The XS Wireless 1 comprises six wireless microphone sets with automatic frequency management and one-touch synchronization and intuitive, icon-based controls. The series uses Sennheiser evolution capsules and employs antenna switching diversity for reliable reception.

The individual sets provide up to 10 compatible, preset channels in eight frequency banks, and are available in UhF spectrum ranges (a: 548–572 Mhz, GB: 606–630 Mhz, B: 614–638 Mhz, c: 766–790 Mhz, D: 794–806 Mhz, e: 821–832 Mhz + 863–865 Mhz, K: 925–937.5 Mhz.)

The receiver provides balanced XLR and unbalanced jack outputs. all of the sets come with receiver, transmitter, microphone capsule or instrument cable, power supply unit and batteries.