Booth SL5306-SGL is launching a new version of its FlashNet content management solution. The new UI dashboard includes tools for archive and restore functionality, system health, monitoring and analysis. The system offers a Checksum feature that receives or calculates the Checksum of each asset in either MD5 or SHAI format and validates it when the asset is about to be used to ensure that it has not become corrupted in some way.

The system allows customers to allocate a predefined number of drives within their library for a specific role, such as archiving Avid jobs only, or restoring/archiving material at a certain time of day.

FlashNet now supports reading and restoring from SMPTE’s Archive eXchange Format (AXF), and it supports Sony’s cloud-based service, Ci. The system also supports Aspera and Amazon S3 via Expe- Dat Gateway.