Shively Labs

Booth C3245

In response to ongoing customer and market demand, Shively Labs says it is introducing a range of
new products including the Model 6815 medium-power side-mounted antenna designed to meet
directional and nondirectional needs in the low- to medium-power range. Other introductions include
a new range of fine-matching transformers sized in 1 5/8-inch and 3 1/8-inch. The company says that
the new fine-matching units complement the new models of antenna being introduced and also
supplement the traditional Shively fine-matching transformers at affordable prices.

On display also will be a new filter to alleviate 8th and 9th harmonic interference by FM stations to
LTE systems. The company’s low-power filter product line is also being extended with the addition
of the Model 2916 cavity. This is a 6-inch diameter coaxial cavity which can be used as a building
block in band-pass filters at power levels up to 1.5 kW.