Shotoku Broadcast Systems

Booth C6015 New at the show from Shotoku is Graphica, a series of manual VR/ AR tracked camera cranes developed in partnership with crane system manufacturer CamMate.

The company says its tracking capabilities come in a package that is portable, scalable and stable. Graphica calculates positional data output from embedded physical rotary encoders designed for VR applications. The positional tracking system does not require external markers. Shotoku encoders seamlessly process data via the SPI interface to provide real-time data output, in the studio or on location.

The SPi-Touch origin reset and two-point calibration function adds another level of convenience and flexibility. Complete calibration is needed only once and can be achieved in 20 seconds. SPi-Touch comes standard on every model.

Suitable for all types of production, seven models of varying lengths are available to create camera work in the smallest studios or the largest of outdoor sporting events.