Booth C1439 Sonifex is showcasing its AVN-GMCS IEEE1588 PTP Grandmaster Clock. The unit acts as a GPS receiver and enables sub-micro-second synchronization between all nodes. In normal operation, the unit has PTPv2 time-stamping resolution to 8 nsec. The AVN-GMC has a PLL (phase lock loop) and a specialist on-board clock device to create precise, low-jitter clock signals required to drive the physical transceiver’s time-stamping circuitry. The AVN-GMCS provides holdover if the GPS signal is lost.

The DHY-04HD, an HD voice and GSM hybrid for handling voice calls, was designed for remote studios, OB vans and emergency situations where a telephone landline can’t be guaranteed. Using a 3G or GSM cellular network, it can receive and make broadcast calls of 7 kHz bandwidth, converting the 3G or GSM call to the four-wire audio signal to and from a connected mixing console. The unit works with any 2G GSM or 3G network.