Sound Devices

Booth C6040 Sound Devices is debuting its new RF Scan feature for the 688 mixer/ recorder and the optional SL-6 power and wireless interface system. The RF Scan capability, which is available as part of the 688’s firmware version 3.00 update, scans the RF spectrum using Sound Devices SL-6 with SuperSlot-compatible receivers installed, such as Wisycom MCR42 and Lectrosonics SRb and SRc.

When using the RF Scan, the scanned block (low to high) is displayed on the 688’s large color LCD, giving users a clear picture of what frequencies within the block are free of RF noise. Users can zoom in on the graph for a better visual, and the 688’s easy-to-navigate interface makes frequency selection fast and simple. With three slot-in receivers in the SL-6, the RF Scan’s triple-scan capability utilizes parallel processing to cut the time it takes to run the scan by one-third.