Booth C3356DP The regulatory atmosphere in the United States continues to stabilize and there is now a clear path forward for the widespread adoption of drones in ENG applications. Stampede can provide the industry with an implementable solution, complete with a variety of drones, drone video systems, add-ons and all of the training and support needed to remain current with the technology, policies and procedures of drone and DVS operations.

Stampede works with a range of drone vendors that are transforming the space, including DJI, 3DR, Yuneec, AEE and Walkera to DraganFly, XFly, Aeroflight and Aerialtronics. In addition, Stampede works with add-ons such as Amimon and Trackimo, along with Command & Control software makers such as SmartC2, VideoBank and Vidyo.

Stampede also partners with Unmanned Vehicle University and UASolutions Group to provide world-class training and aviation related consulting services.