Switch Media

Booth SU12207CM The Switch Media Manager has a modular architecture that can be implemented as a standalone solution or integrated with existing systems or hardware. Live feeds and video footage from one or more IP streams and captions are ingested. Video is encoded by a high-performance transcoder coordinated by the Switch Media Manager. Users can edit, trim, bookmark and segment footage as required. The Switch Media Manager allows users to store, schedule, export, create playlists, categorize and publish footage, and it provides analysis of traffic volumes, viewer retention and manner of consumption.

With anti-ad-blocking and audience-targeting capabilities, AdEase enables multiscreen server-side ad insertion for both live and VoD content for a continuous TV-like experience. Equipped with a variety of advertising schemas including pre-, mid-, post-rolls, lower-thirds and overlays, this solution ties in with existing multiscreen delivery workflows and integrates with a range of ad sources.