Booth N5516

Tedial is introducing Version Factory, a media factory workflow that supports millions of file input-to-output configurations and can be managed from a single operator screen. Designed to interface with content management/rights management/traffic/work-order systems for automated operations, it stacks chosen media engines (transcoders, quality control, DRM, CDN, etc.); employs SMPTE-standardized designs for future-proof “N-input to N-output” operations; and provides the flexibility and scalability for OTT/VOD platforms, network operations and media companies focused on managing their brand across all distribution formats.

Tedial also is demonstrating Evolution BPM, a fast, flexible business process management (BPMN 2.0-compliant) workflow engine. Benchmarked against industry workflow engines, Evolution BPM is clocked 17 times faster and scales linearly through platform additions, whether physical or virtual. Real-world statistics prove Evolution BPM can process 50,000 workflows in only 2.9 minutes on an average- sized platform.