Exhibitor News: Tedial

Booth N1420  Tedial is introducing SMARTLIVE, a live event support tool for sports production that leverages artificial intelligence (AI) tools to increase the number of highlights created automatically, thus reducing production costs and boosting revenues for production companies.

The company also will showcase HYPER IMF, its true IMF solution that supports IMP and supplemental file ingests and creation of unique CPLs for archive, versioning and delivery. This complete solution can leverage IMF markers for soft-parting and pre-midpost roll insertions.

Tedial also will feature augmented storage management, which expands traditional hierarchical storage management (HSM) into a multisite, multi-tier heterogeneous storage enabling cloud deployments, multi-site operations or hybrid clouds with minimal impact on upper layers.

Also at their booth is Version Factory for distribution, offering scalable and flexible content publishing to linear and nonlinear platforms based on IMF CPL component definitions and OPL delivery profiles for automating the creation and distribution of thousands of versions.