Booth SU5006 Tektronix has unveiled decryption and decoding functionality for its Sentry ABR video quality monitor platform for end-to-end adaptive bitrate (ABR) monitoring.

Sentry products are used to deliver quality of experience (QoE) and perceptual video quality (PVQ) information to network operators. By adding decryption and decoding functionality, Sentry ABR can view encrypted content to evaluate QoE and determine PVQ.

The Aurora, a Tektronix system that provides scalable file-based QC and features tests to recognize common ABR streaming problems, can be used in conjunction with a Hydra Player system to enable operators to visualize content and issues, as well as add review information. The Sentry then detects quality of service anomalies in the network at the IP and MPEG TS layers as well as in QoE.

The Sentry ABR then monitors content availability and provides analysis on stream bitrates in real time. The Sentry ABR with decryption/decode capability is now available.