Booth C9520 Telemetrics Studio software allows for unlimited shots, shows and cameras. Shot modes include a single camera/storyboard mode with image thumbs, robotic position and camera settings. The software provides concurrent control of cameras, advanced motion record/playback and camera-shading.

Telemetrics Advanced Presenter Tracking System (APTS) is a scalable, configurable tracking method using magnetic field position sensing. This technology allows simultaneous multicamera, multipresenter tracking within almost any scenario, independent of stage illumination. APTS does not require a presenter to have line of sight, which allows for flexible non-obtrusive camera and sensor location.

Telemetrics LGS live production automation software is designed for legislative and corporate meeting video content while decreasing OPEX. With the LGS platform, users get a one-touch user interface for instant shot, camera and graphic page recall. It enables third-party device event triggers, and the prioritized camera assignment routes the best camera to preview.