Telos Alliance TV Solutions Group

Booth SU2321 The Telos Alliance has formed a new entity in the broadcast industry, Telos Alliance TV Solutions Group, which offers AoIP solutions for television broadcast and production applications.

The company’s products range from islands of AoIP to enterprise-level system solutions that are all Livewire or Livewire+ AES67-compliant to ensure integration and infinite scalability.

The Telos Alliance TV Solutions Group’s lineup is categorized into eight AoIP solution groupings: distributed and decentralized routing; mixer hardware and software; site-to-site connectivity; multi-line call management; signal distribution and format conversion; real-time audio processing; audio measurement and monitoring; and IP intercom and communication.

Telos Alliance invented the Livewire and Livewire+ AES67 protocols to ensure compatibility across AoIP products and system solutions available from the company and its technology partners. To date, more than 70,000 Livewire/Livewire+ AES67-compliant products have been deployed across thousands of facilities.