Booth C6025 Teradeck’s Sphere combines an HDMI four-channel H.264 encoder and a companion application for iOS devices. The unit is connected to a wireless access point via an RJ-45 cable to stream four compressed video feeds over dual-band 2.4/5 GHz Wi-Fi to three iOS devices connected to the same network. Users can record live VR footage on iOS devices and upload the content to YouTube’s 360° platform for others to view remotely.

The Sphere iOS application stitches and processes the video feeds into three formats. The 2D panoramic view shows all video feeds stitched together in one long image. The motion control view processes the video into a virtual sphere, allowing the end user to move their iOS device around as if they were viewing the footage in virtual reality. The Google Cardboard live mode allows end users to use Google’s Cardboard headset and an iPhone to view the real-time streamed VR footage.