The LTO Program

Booth SL10024 The amount of data that’s being created, collected, stored and protected is growing and the production rate is only increasing. But storing, accessing and analyzing this often valuable data is only as good as how fast a user can complete those tasks, which relies upon the equipment used.

The LTO Program says that, where high-performance is key, LTO-7 tape technology is the right option.

Tape? Yes, despite the common misperception that backing up to tape is slower than disk; tape delivers some of the best performance possible when comparing raw speed. In fact, it’s faster than disk, The LTO Program says.

With LTO-7 tape technology, users can enjoy read/ write speeds that approach 750 Mbps compressed. When you compare native data rates, that’s 300 Mbps, which is faster than the typical 7,200 RPM hard drive (130 Mbps).