Thinklogical TLX extenders

Booth SL6028 — Thinklogical is highlighting the TLX family of matrix switches and extenders, which deliver extension and switching of full-resolution 4K DCI video (4096 x 2160 resolution, 4:4:4 color depth) at 60 Hz frame rate, uncompressed, using only two fiber-optic or Cat-x copper cables. With the 100 percent uncompressed signal transmission architecture, users can now work with file-based 4K content in full native resolution without the latency, jitter, pixilation, lost frames or visual artifacts found with typical KVM systems that require video compression.

The dual connector on Thinklogical’s TLX extenders can receive both HDMI and DisplayPort cables on the same unit, reducing the number of extenders needed, and eliminating the requirement for an external adapter or dongle to convert from DisplayPort to DVI or HDMI. When combined with a Think- logical TLX matrix switch (available from 12 to 640 ports), users can intermingle and connect HDMI/DVI and Display- Port sources and displays without any change to the KVM system equipment.