Booth SL 6027 Thinklogical is showcasing a new, uncompressed 4K-capable private cloud editing solution for visual effects and post-production applications. Thinklogical’s new private cloud solution provides smooth, zero-latency KVM and UI control, and delivers uncompressed 4K DCI 4:4:4 video sequences, at up to 60 frames-per-second.

The company’s patented technology can transport 10 of these signals — with zero-latency UI — over a single fiber. This performance is possible over a distance of up to 50 miles (using dark fiber). That means any VFX or post facility in London, New York or Los Angeles, for example, can achieve on-premise performance from any data center in their metro region.

An uncompressed, full-resolution private cloud is now a real choice for creative professionals who can increase productive space and save on energy and maintenance costs by moving servers and IT infrastructure to a remote colocation facility.