Thomson Video Networks

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Thomson Video Networks is launching the FUZE-1 Playout System, a new paradigm that integrates the
traditional playout functions of a channel-in-a-box with encoding and transcoding for broadcast and
OTT delivery. Ideal for applications such as ad insertion, branding, disaster recovery and EAS
insertion,  FUZE-1 provides a rich playout infrastructure with the ability to process audio and video
either directly in the compressed domain or by going back to baseband and re-encoding.

FUZE-1 is a software-based solution for integrated playout of linear SD and HD television or
multiscreen  channels as well as broadcast and OTT delivery. Powered by the Thomson Video
Networks  Media-FlexOS  video operating system, FUZE-1 provides advanced graphics, channel
switching, built-in automation, an  integrated asset manager and premium software transcoding

FUZE-1 enables live and file-based playback, advanced graphics overlays including animated bitmaps
or  text crawls, and video effects such as fade in/out or video squeeze-back.