Booth N5738 Tieline’s new remote audio codec, ViA, has a completely rethought user interface. The color LED touchscreen lets users connect and transmit high-fidelity, full-duplex stereo program audio, plus a separate bidirectional IFB circuit. ViA has three balanced mic/line XLR inputs, three headphone outputs, a stereo auxiliary input and support for digital AES3 in.

ViA includes Tieline’s new Fuse-IP data aggregation technology for bonding any available IP interface. Users choose from two USB modems, two Ethernet connections or onboard Wi-Fi. SmartStream Plus allows redundant IP streaming over the public Internet. Additional features include automated jitter buffer management, forward error correction and advanced error concealment strategies.

With an optional POTS or ISDN module, ViA can connect over alternative network transports. Users can configure primary and backup connections over different network transports, or use either POTS or ISDN as the IFB circuit.