Triveni Digital

Booths SU12025MR, SU15402 Triveni Digital is demonstrating new channel sharing capabilities for its GuideBuilder 5 metadata generation and management system. It allows broadcasters to unify and manage program and system information protocol (PSIP) metadata for multiple channels to retain appropriate station level channel branding, service guide information and maintain FCC compliance.

GuideBuilder 5 offers seamless workflow integration with a TV station’s traffic and automation systems and listing services. It supports a range of deployment architectures, including centralized, distributed and cloud-based.

Triveni Digital also is launching the StreamScope EM-50 enterprise-wide management system. In combination with StreamScope RM-50, the system proactively detects, isolates and resolves problems that degrade video services, and allows system-wide compliance auditing for key requirements, such as CALM and closed-captioning. Using the StreamScope EM-50 system, broadcasters can streamline video quality assurance and compliance regimes in ATSC 1.0 and future ATSC 3.0 architectures.