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TVLogic is displaying 12 or more new products to address the increasing demands of the broadcast, production, post production, digital signage and multi-viewer sectors.

The LUM-310A Ultra High-Definition Monitor is TVLogic’s latest 4K reference display. This 31.1-inch monitor features 4096×2160 resolution with a high contrast ratio of 1450:1, and supports 4-SDI
and 4-HDMI inputs as well as a HDMI one-channel input. The LUM-310A provides wide color gamut up to DCI, true 10bit, includes 3D LUT support for precise color reproduction, two-sample
interleave division, HD 1:1 or full-screen upscaling function and TVLogic’s own color calibration utility support.

The new LVM-170A Broadcast Monitor builds on the established LVM broadcast monitor series. This full-HD model with 1920×1080 resolution is designed for multiple applications and features three analog SDI inputs and outputs, two SDI inputs and one SDI output (SD, HD, 3G-SDI), plus an HDMI and DVI input.