TVU Networks

Booth C3739 TVU Networks’ focus this year is on demonstrating its hardware and software ecosystem for IP video. A range of current and new TVU solutions including the MLink TE4500 H.265/HEVC rack-mount encoder, TVU RPS (Remote Production System), the TVU One mobile IP transmitter and TVU Anywhere app are on display.

Several solutions supporting live video content are being introduced, including additional support for the H.265/HEVC compression standard. Among the H.265-compatible products is the TVU MLink TE4500 live video uplink transmitter, which brings cellular 3G/4G LTE transmission capabilities to satellite and microwave vehicles, vans and trucks. This rackmount encoder transmits video using HEVC video compression and Inverse StatMux Plus advanced IP video technology.

TVU also makes its first appearance in the Central Hall, moving from its traditional location in South Hall.