V-Nova Debuts Next-Gen Encoding

Guido Meardi, CEO of V-Nova

At a Tuesday press event, V-Nova debuted its next-gen PERSEUS video encoding software. PERSEUS 2 enables operators to deliver high-quality content for applications including end-to-end UHD, IPTV, OTT mobile video and VR/360 video, said V-Nova CEO Guido Meardi.

Meardi said the processing power efficiency of PERSEUS 2 allows operators to multiply their channel density on existing encoder equipment while still delivering high-quality video.

“We worked hard over the past two years, listening to customers’ feedback to develop V-Nova PERSEUS 2,” said Meardi. “With our pure software solution, we are addressing the real needs of the industry, providing unprecedented CAPEX savings, server farm space reduction, more effective deployment in the cloud and overall simplification of service delivery.”

Fabio Murra, SVP of marketing, said customer input had been vital since the launch of the PERSEUS line two years ago.

“The next generation of PERSEUS has been developed to address all the pressure points of the TV and media industry today, from 100 Kb/s for mobile delivery through to 10 Mb/s for live sports in UHD over satellite.”

The press event also marked the U.S. debut of V-Nova P.Link, a compact, high-density and bi-directional production encoder/decoder for low-latency, virtually lossless UHD sports contribution, remote production, IP production and software-defined workflows.