V-Soft Communications

Booth N730 — V-Soft’s Microwave Pro-2 uses the FCC’s ULS database to identify usable BAS and Part 101 microwave frequencies in the U.S.A., and it examines paths over terrain elevation plots while acknowledging interference to and from other microwave links. When supplied with the parameters for a proposed path, Microwave Pro-2 can quickly load all stations that have a potential interference relationship and calculate carrier-to-interference ratios. Microwave-Pro-2 also includes CARS data and data from the FCC’s COALS system database. All databases are updated via the Microwave Pro-2 technical support service.

Probe 4 provides professional-level RF propagation modeling, DTV/TV, communications systems coverage and FM interference analysis. It produces worldwide, FCC, ITU-R, Okamura/Hata/Davison, Cost 231/Hata, PTP 1 & 2 and Longley-Rice field strength coverage and interference maps.