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Vidcheck is launching the Vidcheck Advanced Media Player, “Vamp.” This is a full media  player
designed for quality control review of media files. It is available as an add-on feature to the
company’s Vidchecker and Vidfixer range of automated quality control products. Vamp can play
video and audio files on a PC and output them on SDI. The results of automated QC processes
appear directly in timeline displays. Vamp integrates with Vidchecker and Vidfixer, or can be
used as a standalone product.

As well as playing out the video and audio, Vamp’s main features include timeline display of video
keyframes and all audio tracks; location and description details of all alerts from Vidchecker/Vidfixer
auto QC; file metadata display e.g. AS-11 MXF/Netflix/iTunes; and “file info” data (e.g. file container,
video track/codec details, and audio codec/track details) for each track.