Booth SU7916 Vimeo is showcasing support for 360-degree video, providing a home for creators to learn new techniques, upload, share and sell 360 videos, while viewers can discover cutting-edge 360 videos from creators across multiple platforms.

Highlighted creator benefits of Vimeo’s 360 video support include high-quality 360 viewing (creators can upload videos in up to 8K) and customizable settings that allow creators to add metadata, customize player-embedded settings, capture email leads, insert calls-to-action directly in the embedded player, set their field of view, choose the point in space where their video begins, and include a compass in the player to orient viewers and encourage interaction.

Vimeo is also offering dedicated 360 educational resources in the form of 360 Video School and an open marketplace to sell 360 videos through Vimeo on Demand.