Booth SL6305 VITEC is showcasing EZ TV, an integral platform to its IPTV Sports Venue solution, which allows any stadium or arena to stream live, on-demand or recorded video over its existing IP infrastructure. The solution features low latency across all displays, synchronized playback, efficient scalability and intuitive Web-based admin capabilities.

VITEC’s MGW Ace is a hardware-based HEVC portable device for encoding and streaming video, and the MGW D265 is a portable HEVC IP decoder. The MGW Ace appliance features Zixi stream protection for artifact- and error-free content delivery. When coupled with the MGW D265, the MGW Ace becomes an end-to-end, on-the-go streaming solution.

MGW Pico TOUGH is a MIL-STD-certified MPEG-4 H.264 HD/SD video encoder. It encodes and streams real-time video with frame-accurate metadata from any video source. MGW Pico TOUGH’s fanless, pocket- size enclosure is designed for use on unmanned and manned vehicles, in fly-away kits and on-person in extreme conditions.