Booth SL2417

Vizrt has teamed up with Matrox and NVIDIA to build 4K production workflows, which it is
demonstrating  at its booth. This new workflow ensures that users are able to handle 4K live video
and graphics quickly, easily and effectively while still delivering the highest-standard of creative
storytelling. By providing a  one-box system of 4K-enabled elements with its Viz Engine, Vizrt is able
to reduce the amount of equipment  needed for production and limit the cost of upgrading each
individual piece of existing equipment to be 4K  ready.

4K video content is managed in Viz One. 4K graphics and video is fully integrated for newsrooms,
sports, weather, promotions and played live on-air using Viz Engine, a real-time rendering engine.
The integration of management with Viz One and real-time rendering and playback from Viz Engine
showcases the next  logical step from an HD to 4K workflow, says the company.