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Volicon is debuting the new Archiver option for its Observer Media Intelligence Platform. The Archiver option makes high-quality versions of aired programming, promos and advertisements available.

The Archiver option gives multiple simultaneous users random access to an indexed store of full-resolution, high-bit-rate (long-GOP H.264, 9-15 Mbps) content, as well as low-resolution proxies. Users can quickly locate specific content, searching either by caption content or by date and time. Because they are working with content proxies, they can browse through content without using a powerful workstation and without consuming a
great deal of bandwidth.

When years of online storage are required, the Archiver option offers a scalable, high-performance, low-cost alternative to the expensive systems typically implemented for long-term archiving. Because it features both baseband (SDI) and transport stream (TS) interfaces, and is compatible with any application, the Archiver option can be deployed in virtually any broadcast environment.