Volicon and Nexidia

Booth SL13705 and SU7916

Addressing requirements of the Communications and Video Accessibility Act, an integrated solution
from Volicon and Nexidia automatically captures content, extracts closed captions, determines if the
caption file matches the media and is properly aligned, identifies any missing or incorrect segments
and verifies the presence of descriptive video services.

The integration of Volicon’s Observer monitoring and logging technology with Nexidia Comply, which
uses patented audio analysis technology, facilitates scalable automated monitoring.

Using data from the as-run log, the solution performs electronic monitoring of closed-captioning and
alerts operators to defects or absences of captioning data. The visual log and captured metadata
provide visual and electronic confirmation of compliance.

Nexidia Comply enables the automation of file-based closed-captioning, DVS and spoken and written
language verification. Using the audio or video file along with a sidecar closed-captioning file, the
solution identifies voice activity and matches it with what was actually said.

In performing DVS verification, the solution compares the original program audio with the version
that has had video description inserted. The solution finds the location and nature of the differences
and determines if there is voice activity. The solution is available now as an integrated turnkey system
or as an upgrade to Observer systems.