Booth N2530 Wheatstone’s new LXE IP audio console for radio is customizable, using pull-down configuration software that allows every switch on the surface to be programmed for function, mode and color. Every button is scriptable, letting users create macros for as many controls as desired. There are multiple full-color OLED displays on each panel and event recall allows one-touch console reconfiguration.

The LXE can have up to 32 physical motorized faders, with DSP processing available on all channels. Surfaces interface into the WheatNet-IP Intelligent Network and utilize BLADE-3s for audio, control and associated logic data flowing on single Cat-6 cables. The system can ingest and convert virtually all audio formats, according to the company. Loudness metering, phase control and EQ/ Dynamics are included.

The LXE’s new customizable GUI has pre-built screens for metering, clocks, timers, dynamics, EQ, assigns and other functions. All are touch-screen accessible with gestures similar to those used on smartphones.