Exhibitor News: Wheatstone

Booth N6806  Wheatstone is demonstrating a virtual development platform and reconfigurable mixing console.

Virtualizing resources instead of limiting them to fixed hardware makes sense, said Marketing Communications Director Dee McVicker; but to date the trend hasn’t moved much beyond single-purpose use. “But what if you had your own virtual development platform with the intelligence to do virtually anything you wanted to do in the studio? And what if you could apply the same concept to hardware?”

ScreenBuilder virtual development tools allow a user to add a new studio using just a tablet or screen and their existing IP audio infrastructure. It comes with faders, meters, labels, timers and other widgets that can be arranged on screen and tied to commands and elements on a WheatNet-IP ecosystem.

Script routines can be created using a checklist of salvos, destinations and sources. Broadcasters determine what to put behind glass or on a button, down to each function and when to perform it.

Wheatstone also applied the concept to its LXE console, where hard surface controls are programmable and re-programmable through a GUI — allowing, for instance, a dynamic split-console configuration for use by two or more board ops.