Wheatstone Unveils Large-Format Console

Wheatstone says its new IP-64 large-format digital mixing console for TV audio production is an example of what the company is most known for: consoles that don’t require a week of console school to learn how to operate.

Features include full-color OLEDs on each channel; touchscreen interfaces above the control panels; the right number and location of controls; and the auxes, subs and mix-minuses that are determined by the client — not the factory. “If one broadcast facility needs 64 auxes and 12 mix-minuses and another needs 32 subs and 64 mix-minuses, the IP-64 can do either because these resources aren’t hard-coded into the design. Instead of trying to fit the application to the board, we configure the IP-64 to best suit their particular application,” said Wheatstone Vice President of Technology Andy Calvanese.

The IP-64 includes IP audio networking with integrated control. The company says a lot of its goof-proof usability is due to Wheatstone’s WheatNet-IP audio network with integrated control. The IP-64 hooks into this IP audio network, which includes an audio toolkit, multiple command functions and intelligent routing at every IP node/connection point in the network.

Also new from Wheatstone are digital mixing console designs with WheatNet-IP networking scaled for smaller studios, trucks and other live production venues, new lowcost audio processors for AM and FM, two new Audioarts analog mixing consoles and WheatNet-IP Blade designs for specialized broadcast functions.