Booth C1445 Yamaha is debuting the Rivage PM10 digital mixing console which comprises the CS-R10 control surface, DSP-R10 DSP engine, RPio622 I/O rack, three types of RY cards, and two types of HY cards. The control surface and engine are connected via a dedicated Cat-5e ring console network.

The DSP engine connects to the racks via the newly developed TWINLANe ring network using multimode optical fiber. TWINLANe can handle up to 400 96 kHz audio channels over distances of up to 300 meters with low latency and redundancy for high reliability. Up to two DSP-R10 DSP engines and eight RPio622 I/O racks can be connected in a single ring.

The Rivage PM10 has newly-developed hybrid microphone preamplifiers, and the channel EQ and dynamics have been upgraded with three newly developed algorithms plus the classic Yamaha legacy algorithm. A total of 45 plug-ins are available for creative processing, with substantially increased processing power.