Yamaha Professional Audio

Booth C1725 Yamaha Pro Audio is releasing a software upgrade that will give its CL and QL consoles more Dante features. Version 4.1’s improved Dante functionality adds AES67 interoperability that allows communication with Ravenna, Q-LAN, Livewire and other audio network systems for improved system expandability.

In addition Dante Device Lock will secure device settings. This would be especially useful for equipment rental companies, providing them with a means to keep settings or provide clients the ability to save settings along with providing settings portability.

The software upgrade also provides more support for Shure wireless

Yamaha also is showing the latest version of Steinberg’s Nuendo music production and editing suite. Version 8.0 includes new tools such as a sound randomizer, new synthesizer, new eight-band parametric EQ along with several improvements such as direct offline processing, ADR enhancements, a new video engine, reworked plug-ins and improved overall performance.