Booth SL15713 The zLense platform is a real-time 3D scene scanning technology graphics engine rolled into a compact standalone solution that can be integrated into most broadcast environments. Its camera- mounted sensor unit captures 3D data in sync with the RGB output of the camera and combines the data stream into accurate camera tracking and 3D scene information.

The new three-dimensional zKey keying system from zLense uses the distance from the camera to determine the silhouette of the talent in real time, allowing the creation of the alpha channel or image mask without chroma or luma keying. No special lighting is required.

zLense’s turnkey solution includes all components necessary to pair an existing studio camera with zLense’s range-finding camera. Together, the two cameras will transmit full HD video and the associated depth data to zLense’s 3D keying appliance, which outputs the alpha channel and mask with a delay of just four frames.