5 Things That Caught My Eye: Central Hall

1. Ultra-Compact

In the upper reaches of the Central Hall, I stumbled into SHOTOVER’s B1 helicopter, a two-seater equipped with a B1 gyro-stabilized camera system that’s noted for its superior look-down capability. I’ll take their word on what “ultra-compact” means in the world of aerial stabilization platforms — somehow they got it in the helicopter, a Guimbal Cabri G2 model. SHOTOVER says this is the most compact aerial camera system it’s ever developed. But the feature I found most intriguing is, in bold type, BULLETPROOF.10

2. Three-Wheeling

A few hundred feet across the hall, still in upper Central, is something quite a bit simpler than the rotocraft: Heavy Mount’s FILM TRIKE. The three-wheeler is modular and can be configured in any way the user can imagine. It comes equipped with Heavy Mount’s WIRE BALL vibration-reducing mount and runs for about four hours per charge.

3. Mounted

Down on the main level of the hall, the Hydra-Arm camera car crane mount is getting a lot of attention. It just looks fast. Powered from the vehicle and controlled wirelessly by one or two operators, the camera crane boom arm can rotate 360 degrees in 4.5 seconds. Usable at up to 90 miles per
hour, it’s compatible with most three-axis cine camera gimbal stabilizers. And not all of the innovation is on the outside. The control station inside allows operation of the crane with either hand or both.

4. Thrills or Spills

A little deeper into the hall is a BMX bike and skateboard park, courtesy of Atomos. The Australian recorder/video monitor provider, which just unveiled the Atomos Shinobi SDI 4K/HD HDR monitor and Shogun 7 7-inch HDR monitor, invited its partner companies to supply a couple dozen cameras for potential customers to demo while following the action. There are plenty of thrills and spills.

5. Home Away From Home

I’d heard housing at NAB Show was tight, what with the Academy of Country Music Awards taking place Sunday night, but this is crazy. Deep, deep in the Central Hall is a pitched teepee. It’s an attention-getter for Radionor Communications, which is showing off 5G equipment used by Norwegian Public
Broadcasting for a live production from above the Arctic Circle.