5 Things That Caught My Eye: Central Hall

The Las Vegas Convention Center’s Central Hall is traditionally home to NAB Show exhibitors representing acquisition and production technologies, from aerial video and drones to cameras, lights, lenses and camera support equipment. In recent years NAB has added themed pavilions to this area of the show floor; the Central Hall is home to the IP Showcase, which gathers exhibitors who are helping media companies transition to IP delivery.

NAB Show attendee traffic was brisk in the Central Hall.

The following is a sample of some of the more vibrant exhibits there.

1 More Than Bare Bones

Deep in the Central Hall I spotted a skeleton carrying a shoulder-mount camcorder. That was the attractor for SteadyGum’s new product, a redesign on the venerable shoulder-pod. Having been a news-film photographer in the late ’60s and on, my back was interested in how their product distributes the camera’s weight more evenly. If you’re a shooter, your back may be similarly interested.

2 Raising Production Values

The AntigravityCam demo from Cinema Devices caught my attention. The body-mounted crane transforms a three-axis gimbal into a camera stabilizer that completely removes video instability caused by the operator’s footsteps. It has a 9- to 10-foot lift range without counterweights. The operator said it can be worn for hours without fatigue.

3 Steady On Road and Off

Seeing HS-DynaX5’s five-axis camera stabilization system on an all-terrain vehicle seems like a good idea to me, since the camera operator doesn’t have to carry the camera. I can only imagine the sophisticated control system at work tempering the bumps in your footage while the car slams from boulders to ravines across the desert or over the frozen tundra.

4 Takes a Dunkin’

Specs are just numbers, and it’s good to see them backed up. So when I stumbled across Quantum5X Systems’ QT-5100 AquaMic immersed in a fishbowl, I thought I could trust that wireless mic transmitter for rainy days, or even a shift at sea shooting “Deadliest Catch.” The company rep told me the AquaMic is rated waterproof down as much as 100 feet, but they’re going to have to get a bigger fishbowl to prove it to me.

5.  Curved Displays Evolve

You see a lot of modular LED tile backgrounds while wandering the show floor, but ROE Visual U.S.’s Black Pearl made me curious about how they curve the display and create non-90-degree corners. The curve can be as much as 10 degrees concave or convex, and semi-circular and optional 90-degree edged modules can create the non-90 corners. If you’d like some insight into how it’s done, visit them in booth C12628.