8K, IP Lead Quantel and Snell Push

Product announcements drawn from across the Quantel and Snell organization are poised to drive
a new era for the firm, according to executives.

NAB Show 2015 marks the first time the companies are exhibiting in a single booth, according to
Neil Maycock, marketing vice president.

The buzz technologies of the show, IP infrastructure and UHD resolutions, are found in the firm’s
product lines. The Pablo Rio color and finishing system, for example, adds 8K 60p capability. “We
thought we’d show 8K just to get ahead of the curve a bit,” Maycock said, noting this was “more of
a testament to the fact that our underlying architectures are very 4K-capable.”

Maycock also noted that Quantel and Snell’s implementation of IP infrastructure stressed
interoperability. “It’s standard IP infrastructure, off-the-shelf, at the core of what we’re doing,”
he said.

Significant technology upgrades were announced for Alchemist, Kahuna and Sirius product families
and are seen as driving price cuts of at least 40 percent on Enterprise sQ News and Sports production

Industry veteran Tim Thorsteinson, Quantel and Snell CEO, said his immersion in the products and
technologies has been an eye-opener. “My job is to turn those assets into an industry leader.”