Advertising Pavilion Spots Consumer Trends

Panel in the Advanced Advertising Pavilion During the 2016 NAB Show

The ultimate user of media advertising — the consumer — is poised and ready to jump to the next level to receive content. The question for ad executives is: Are you?

The advertising industry needs to have its finger on the pulse of new delivery trends and then send its targeted message with enviable accuracy. That means staying one or sometimes two steps ahead of the proverbial “next big thing” in this digital media age.

The M.ET. Effect — the idea of media, entertainment and technology all coming together — is rocking the very foundation of what advertising means and challenges perceptions about the best way to send the best message to the right audience. The NAB Show Advanced Advertising Pavilion is here to help advertisers sort through the transition.

“It’s all about taking the right piece of content, getting it to the right audience and monetizing it,” said Lori H. Schwartz, principal of StoryTech. “So all these new platforms are helping us do that — getting a piece of content ultimately to the right viewer and then serving the most contextually relevant ads so that the business model plays out correctly.”

The pavilion offers a mix of sessions, demonstrations and exhibitors in one location to help facilitate industry convergence. This year’s Advanced Advertising Pavilion exhibitors include SAP Clea for Brand Intelligence, ECHOTAG, IDenTV, Prime Image, Star Star Radio and WideOrbit.

Now in its second year, the pavilion’s sessions will focus on three tracks: data and content, emerging platforms and the role of the influencer in driving content. Each theme is highlighted for one day; the final day, Thursday, wraps it all up and drives the impact of The M.E.T. Effect home.

“The Power of Data and Content” will be tackled today, addressing how attendees can leverage data so the most appropriate content is delivered to the most relevant audience.

“It’s all about the journey of that piece of content and matchmaking the consumer to it and the brand to it so it plays out correctly,” said Schwartz, who hosts her own radio show, “The Tech Cat,” which stands for Technology Catalyst.

If this succeeds, Schwartz said it isn’t advertising anymore. “It’s actually relevant information that is supporting a content experience.

“When I get ads that aren’t relevant or they are tracking me based on some search I did for something I already bought, then there’s a disconnect,” she said. “So what we’ll be talking about in the Advertising Pavilion is how to be smarter about this; how to leverage data so that it actually serves us.”

Today’s session “Unlocking Revenue in a Data Enabled TV Ecosystem” will take a deep dive into the topic. The session is hosted by Jodie McAfee, vice president of business development for Vizio. He is joined by panelists Scott Ferber, Videology; Kern Schireson, Viacom; Noah Levine, Fox Networks Group; and Nick Troiano, Blackarrow.

On Tuesday, the pavilion will turn to the second track and place a focus on evolving platforms. Schwartz said she considers this topic a game-changer, because new delivery platforms are shortening the life cycle of content creation from a three-year cycle to about six months. She cites haptic technology, which is any form of interaction involving touch, as an emerging platform.

“Everything we have in the very near future will be touch-activated and voice-activated, so as content creators we have to be thinking of what is the user experience of these platforms and how are we going to discover and access content,” Schwartz said.

A panel explores this idea in “Advancing the Ad Creative and Seducing Your Audience With the Power of Touch,” with moderator Seth Shapiro of the Television Academy at the helm.

Another Tuesday session, “Disruption Ahead: AI Will Forever Alter the Advertising Landscape,” investigates artificial intelligence and ties into the fifth sense, Schwartz said.

“How do I bring my brand to life when I have this touch sense that never used to exist,” she said. “It’s the same thing with AI in the consumer sense, taking the form of Amazon Alexa and Google Home with voice activation.”

A bonus to these platforms is that they help brands and advertisers solve the more mundane tasks, Schwartz said, “creating all sorts of interesting solutions for everyone in the ecosystem.

“It’s all about creating better contacts; it’s all about helping the right ad go to the right person on the right platform at the right time,” Schwartz said. The panel will feature Ed Forman of IBM and Dan Mallin of Equals 3.

“The Powerful Role of the Influencer” is the third track, taking place on Wednesday. Last year, this track focused on podcasts, Instagram and Snapchat, Schwartz said. While they are still in the mix, newer influences have emerged, such as mobile videos that turn viral and influence politics, purchasing or a host of other topics.

“These are really relevant trends that if you can combine some of these new platforms with the power of the crowd — because the crowd is powerful — and data, then we’re talking real magic,” Schwartz said.

“Mobile Video Is the New Influencer: Top Trends & How to Master Them” will feature panelist Carly Goodwin, industry manager of tech/telco for Facebook.

With such a fast-paced industry, Schwartz said NAB Show provides a unique forum for executives to catch their breath, discuss the changing industry and seek solutions together.