Are You Ready for Next-Gen TV?

The world is getting ready for another quantum leap in television technology — ultra high-definition, along with high dynamic range, extended color gamut, increased frame rate and immersive audio.

Consumers are buying these next-gen 4K TV sets in large numbers and the pressure on content creators and broadcasters to deliver UHD programming is increasing in a big way.

So what to do?

Actually, there’s no better place than the 2016 NAB Show to get a leg up on what seems certain to be even more revolutionary than the arrival of DTV and high definition just a few years ago. This year’s show features a number of forums that address both technical and production aspects of the new video.

Today’s Super Session “4K, UHD, HDR and More,” which is sponsored by Ericsson, is moderated by TV Technology’s Executive Editor Deborah McAdams. The panel features industry experts Matthew Goldman, senior vice president of Technology for Ericsson; Mark Schubin, chief information server,; Robert Seidel, SMPTE president; and Jim DeFilippis, chief green officer, TMS Consulting.

The panel will discuss various aspects of the enhanced video landscape and how to prepare for it. If you’re in the television broadcasting or production business, it’s vital that you learn as much as possible about the move to ultra high-definition and all of the enhancements that are sure to accompany it.

In commenting about the forum, De- Filippis said that “We in the TV industry are witnessing a ‘perfect storm’ of change. One thing is certain: 4K consumer displays will replace the current population of large HDTV screens and all the OTT players, Blu-ray; and some MVPDs have announced their support for UHDTV. Will your station or channel be competitive in the next few years if you don’t have a strategy to get to UHD?”

Another opportunity for getting upto- date information on this new world of video quality is a special tutorial that addresses high dynamic range. Wednesday’s Post|Production World session “HDR Television Workflows” will be presented by Robbie Carman, colorist and vice president of Amigo Media LLC. Carman will explain what HDR is and how to use it to advantage in content creation.

Equipment manufacturers have been preparing for this next wave in content creation for some time now and there are plenty of UHD “tires” to kick on the exhibit hall floor. Attendees will find cameras, lenses, test generators, transport systems, monitors and just about everything else needed to create a complete advanced video ecosystem and the exhibitors at this year’s show are only too happy to discuss UHD, HDR and everything else associated with the move to the next plateau in television’s evolution. One of the individuals standing by to greet you and answer questions about the 4K world is Karl Kuhn, Tektronix Video Test Solutions senior engineer.

“As the consumer electronics industry is continuously pushing for higher resolution, higher dynamic range and wider color gamut displays to satisfy growing viewers’ expectation on picture quality, a significant increase in demand for 4K/UHD content is expected over the next few years,” said Kuhn. “It’s important for content producers to start transitioning to UHD workflows as soon as they can. Tektronix is showcasing its WFM/WVR8000 series video monitoring products that allow content producers to seamlessly migrate to a 4K/UHD workflow with familiar monitoring displays and thus shorten the learning curve. Tektronix experts will also be available at the show to share their knowledge on HDR technology.”

Kuhn’s remarks about television’s next big step were echoed by Craig Yanagi, JVC Professional Video’s product marketing manager.

“4K production has clearly expanded beyond digital cinema and episodic television, and it will continue to be a major focus at NAB Show,” said Yanagi. “We designed our 4KCAM product line to provide flexibility for 4K shooters. For example, our GY-LS300 4KCAM features Variable Scan Mapping technology, which adapts the camera’s image sensor to provide native support of almost any lens. That means you can use your existing lenses to shoot 4K.”

The FOR-A Corp. of America has also been preparing for the advanced television movement, said Vice President Jay Shinn,

“NAB Show is the event to see the latest and greatest in 4K UHD technology,” said Shinn. “Last year that technology caused a big stir on the show floor, and I expect there will be even more companies showcasing high dynamic range, along with 4K and even 8K technology. We’re thrilled to come to Vegas with a rapidly growing 4K and even 8K product range.”

Television has never looked better than it does in 4K, HDR, extended color gamut and high frame rates, and there’s no better place than to get the big beautiful UHD picture than right here at NAB Show.