Blurring the Lines Between Media, Entertainment and Technology

Shira Lazar

Just before the 2017 NAB Show, the Daily News talked to Shira Lazar, NAB Show The M.E.T. Effect Digital Evangelist, about the new branding of the convention.

NAB Show Daily News: Tell us more about the M.E.T. Effects and why the NAB Show coined it as the theme this year.

Shira Lazar: The convergence of media, entertainment and technology (M.E.T.) has been happening for quite some time, but 2017 has taken it to an entirely different level. Today, our phones have become incredibly powerful communication tools and video/photo-capturing devices. The main objective of social media has gone beyond posting a status update. And it’s now easier than ever to be both a creator and owner of content. Sure, you can upload some really cool videos on YouTube. But if you can’t promote them on other social media channels, how will you get people to watch them? The M.E.T. Effect has blurred the lines between media, entertainment and technology because you can’t really have one without the other nowadays. And by highlighting these connections, we can better understand where the industry, as an entire ecosystem, is headed, and how content owners and audiences alike can harness it to suit their own goals and needs.

Daily News: How does this convergence of media, entertainment and technology change the way consumers digest content?

Lazar: The sheer amount of information that’s now available at our fingertips has completely shifted the power dynamic between consumers and content. Whereas content owners once directed the conversation, consumers are now the ones driving the kinds of content they receive, as well as how, when and where they receive it. Gone are the days of a defined “captive audience,” where content was accessible through only a few sources — like newspapers, magazines and scheduled TV shows — and owned by only a few networks and publication companies. Now, the content one person chooses to engage with can be completely different from the next.

Daily News: How are content creators adapting to this new dynamic?

Lazar: Now that consumers have tasted freedom with regards to choosing their content, there’s no going back. Today’s successful storytellers must create personalized content that meets consumers wherever they are — whether it is on a social media platform or the websites they frequently visit. Thankfully, The M.E.T. Effect has made it much easier to do so by both bringing creators together and empowering more of them to create.

For the first time ever, everyone in the media and entertainment ecosystem — from the filmmaker to the legislator — are engaging in conversation, and are creating better, more dynamic and more effective content as a result. The amount of distribution channels and sophisticated technology available today has also made it possible for more creators to bring their visions to life and share them with the world.