Calrec Scores Big With New Products

Veteran audio developer Calrec turned its NAB Show 2015 focus on interconnection, debuting a trio
of technologies designed to improve digital audio networking and interoperability. Calrec’s Hydra2
networking topology, widely deployed for large event and sports coverage, is the underlying
technology powering the three new entries.

The first, called Fieldbox, is intended to provide a convenient, high-quality method to join local
analog  sources to the Hydra2 digital network. “It’s designed as kind of a ‘throwdown box,’” said
Calrec Sales Vice President Dave Letson.

Boasting AoIP capabilities as well as Hydra2 fiber, Fieldbox can leverage the second new Calrec
offering, H2Hub, to consolidate multiple Fieldbox placements while enabling the extensive control
layer that has  become the Hydra2 hallmark.

In addition, Calrec announced that the Orange Box, offered by its sister company DiGiCo, would add
Hydra2 networking and control capabilities, supplementing its native MADI protocol interconnect.

In recognizing the recent appointment of Henry Goodman to head the firm’s support and market
research efforts, Calrec CEO James Gordon said, “We want to focus more on the support we offer
our customers, more on the new products we release. Henry is to look after customers, and make
sure we’re delivering them what they need.”