ChyronHego Announces Privatization, New Product Intros

ChyronHego’s Sunday morning press conference opened with news from CEO Johan Apel, who said
that the acquisition of the company by Vector Capital is now complete, making the operation a private
one after nearly four decades of being publicly held.

“The way the public markets and financial markets have developed over the last 10 years — especially
since the financial crisis — there is a lot of red tape and administration, which is quite cumbersome for
a small- to medium-sized enterprise such as ourselves,” said Apel. “Being a private company makes
you more nimble and fast, and you can take [advantage of] opportunities in the marketplace.”

Jesper Gawell, ChyronHego’s chief marketing officer, described the company’s 2015 NAB Show
product introductions. He detailed VistaCam, a system for creating high-resolution panoramic studio
backgrounds. It stitches together video from a four-camera array placed in a sports stadium or other
remote venue to create a large immersive studio background.

The other entries are additions to ChyronHego’s MediaMaker family: Studio MediaMaker and Metacast
MediaMaker. Studio MediaMaker allows on-air talent to control a one-camera studio production, while
Metacast MediaMaker provides easy access to weather graphics by the newsroom.