Connected Media Sessions Address Storage Options, Security

The Connected Media|IP Pavilion has grown so much since it debuted at the 2013 NAB Show that it has outgrown the old space and relocated to the South Upper Hall.

That’s all for the better, said Neil Nixon, vice president of BPL Broadcast Ltd. “The South Upper Hall is at the heart of the distribution, delivery and online video technology areas,” he said. The pavilion is produced by BPL Broadcast Ltd. in partnership with NAB Show. It is sponsored by Cisco, Inmarsat and Ciena.

Nixon described the Connected Media|IP as a conference within a conference. A purpose- built theater in the middle of the pavilion will be buzzing with back-to-back sessions and presentations all four days, from shortly after the opening to the close of the exhibit hall. Attendance at the sessions requires only the exhibits pass necessary to get in the door of the exhibit hall.

Connected media sessions and exhibits feature the underlying technologies that enable audiences to receive, discover and interact with content across any device technologies are IPTV, OTT, mobile, social and cloud.

“It’s all about consumer engagement and the rising importance of brandcasting — bringing audiences closer to the action,” said Nixon. He noted that some sessions broadly. “We’ve got several presentations that are aimed at those people who are transitioning or about to transition [to IP]. But equally, we have some very specific presentations that will assist people already in the middle of the process, and have very specific challenges that they’re trying to solve.”

A repeated subject through a number of presentations is monetization — how to make money with these new delivery technologies. Sessions that address monetization include developing a good user experience, storage options, piracy and security.

Each day features a pair of keynote sessions, one by Cisco and one by Inmarsat. Additionally, there are panel debates, moderated sessions discussing various topics dealing with connected media.

“Our exhibitors have an opportunity to either make a presentation or join a panel debate,” said Nixon. But vendor presentations are more than just a sales pitch. “The papers are quite well vetted and monitored by our editorial team to assure they are seminar papers based on their merit.

“There is a lot that has changed — new developments over the past 12 months since the 2015 NAB Show. Many of these exhibitor sessions will feature case studies of actual deployments in connected media.”

For those who are just wading into the connected media area, this morning’s opening session “Achieving the Optimal Technology and Vendor Mix” is aimed at getting off on the right foot. Presented by Dominic De Lorenzo, director, Product Strategy at Massive Interactive Inc. in Sydney, Australia, the session will look at the latest evolution of the OTT technology landscape, and the importance of being well-informed before making big technology and vendor decisions.

Tuesday afternoon’s “Multiscreen Online Video — How to Optimize Monetization, Delivery and User Experience” will be delivered by Switch Media’s Broadcast Director Bruce Hume. The session will address the technology and workflows needed to create high-quality, engaging and monetized multiscreen online video experiences.

Wednesday afternoon’s panel debate “TV Innovation and Future Trends — a 2020 Vision” will feature Peter Elvidge, head of Global Media Management at Globecast; Simon Hogsbro, CEO at Xstream; Lou Schwartz, chief operating officer at Frankly Inc.; and Miguel Silva, executive vice president of Sales & Marketing at Vimond Media Solutions. They will share their opinions about where connected media will be in the years ahead.

Another panel that will yield divergent opinions is this afternoon’s “Are You Ready for the Mobile Video Revolution?” Panelists include Deepak Das, senior director of Marketing at VisualOn; Johannes Jauch, chief technology officer and co-founder of Axinom; Stefan Lederer, chief executive officer and co-founder of Bitmovin; Tim Schaaff, chief product officer at Intertrust; and Matt Smith, chief evangelist at Anvato.