connected media|IP Pavilion Gets Down to Business


Whether it is through IPTV, OTT, social media or mobile devices, the emergence of technology for the multiscreen viewing experience continues to make strides. NAB Show attendees can once again learn more at the connected media|IP Pavilion for what’s new.

But while technology on securing and delivering content is still evolving, this year’s pavilion will also include a look at how theory can be put into practice on the business side.

The connected media|IP Pavilion is sponsored by Cisco, Ciena, Kantar Media, Switch Media and Huawei Technologies.

“The trends that we see particularly impacting what people are talking about this year are much more along the lines of the business models for OTT and online video,” said Neil Nixon, vice president for BPL Broadcast, a joint venture partner with NAB on the pavilion. “So, whereas in the past we looked at the technologies required to deliver the content to the end user, our speakers are much more looking at how we monetize that content now that we know how to get it there.”

Some examples of the planned sessions that will put a bigger focus on the business side of connected media include “The New Frontier for Advertising in the Entertainment Industry,” “Grow and Monetize Your Audience by Launching Branded Internet TV Applications” and “How to Embrace New Trends in TV Consumption and Find New Revenue Streams.”

In addition to these sessions, Nixon believes that the series of nine panel debates scheduled for the pavilion’s seminar theaters will be important attractions to attendees. Groups of industry professionals will talk about many of the key issues and developments for connected media, such as securing content, the mobile video revolution, software-defined networking technology, analytics, monetization and just what the future of TV may look like.

The connected media|IP Pavilion is once again in the South Upper. The expanded space features more than 60 exhibitors; this is up from the more than 40 exhibitors the pavilion housed in 2016.

There will also be two seminar theaters located in the pavilion, allowing for multiple sessions to occur simultaneously.

The connected media|IP Pavilion keeps a busy session schedule throughout the show, which Nixon says fits with what is going on in the industry.

“[The pavilion is] dealing with the fastest changing aspect of the broadcast sector at the moment, and therefore it’s important to come along and keep abreast of the change and see what innovation is being made to drive the industry forward. The real cutting- edge development is being done to take broadcast to individual devices, to personalize it and then to monetize it. That’s all happening within the connected media|IP Pavilion; and on the basis that that’s the future business model of this industry, it’s certainly the place to be.”