Creative Ingenuity From the C-Suite

Soccer player doing a manouver konwn as the bycicle that consists in passing over another player with the ball trapped in his legs. While another oponent looks surprised.

Celebrities and top executives are expanding boundaries and influencing media, and attendees can learn more about their strategies for success in Sports & Entertainment: The Influencer Series. It explores various aspects of sports programming and promotion, with emphasis on soccer and the Olympic games.

“The intent of ‘The Influencer Series’ is to present a flow of intimate conversations and one-on-one interviews with industry leaders and personalities who are influencing the business of TV and video at the intersection of media, entertainment and technology,” said conference planner Joe Schramm, head of the Schramm Marketing Group.

He said the speakers and panelists are C-suite executives and leaders from sports and entertainment who will share their strategies for influencing the transition of their businesses or careers in a series of fireside conversations, TED-style talks and intimate panel discussions.

Schramm said the “chats” held here are designed to engage and inspire attendees who want the opportunity to hear how a particular business leader is addressing specialized challenges.

“Our speakers all have opted for an intimate conversation or interview style for their session,” he said. “This allows for a more relaxed atmosphere and permits the featured speaker to pursue in-depth explanations rather than sharing points of the discussion as headlines.”

During today’s session “Building an Iconic Sports Brand,” Rich Orosco of the Los Angeles Football Club will deliver “a combination of marketing expertise and a level of creative ingenuity to understand the culture of the local market,” said Schramm. “He knew he had to cut through the celebrity- crazy L.A. market in order to introduce the new LAFC pro soccer team … He did that in part by using ‘Hollywood in the streets of Hollywood’ and leveraging the team’s celebrity ownership in grass-roots, street team marketing efforts.”

A similar topic on building a broadcast brand is also on the schedule. Here Vincent Sadusky of Univision Communications will stress broadcast experience, said Schramm. “He was already a respected broadcast TV veteran before starting to lead the charge for expanding the well-established network brand to new platforms, and influencing efforts for attracting newer, larger audiences.”

In “Playing to Win in the Digital Revolution,” Entertainment Studios Founder, Chairman and CEO Byron Allen will share how his company facilitates the distribution of content on numerous platforms, including broadcast and cable. He’ll also discuss his latest OTT and mobile platform, LOCAL NOW, which offers hyper-localized news, weather updates and traffic reports.

“There are many tech trends, but perhaps 5G for mobile is one with the broadest impact because video, especially linear TV, can now be streamed live directly to your mobile smartphone,” said Schramm. “This changes everything about how the next generations will ‘watch TV,’ and more importantly — with the introduction of Facebook Live — how they will define TV … It’s all happening now and several of our speakers will address this.”

Yesterday’s conference sessions included conversations with Jarl Mohn, CEO of National Public Radio, and Tom Ryan, CEO and co-founder of Pluto TV. The conference is produced in partnership with Schramm Marketing Group.